The third generation of high voltage insulation coating products, the use of fluorosilicone new materials, new technology,
produced a durable super hydrophobic, hydrophobic mobility, thoroughly and solved the operation problem of conventional
antifouling flashover coating can not meet the safe of special environment.

Conventional antifouling flashover coating hydrophobicity water immersion test was hc3-4 after 96h, and hydrophobicity
was lost after 144h.

The hydrophobic water immersion test of the third generation high voltage insulation coating showed that 96h was HC1
class, 192h still reached HC1 class, 216h still reached hc1-2 class, 2000h still had a good hydrophobic property.

The hydrophobicity of this series of products is more than 10 times of that of conventional antifouling flashover
coatings, which can effectively solve the problems of pollution flashover and insulation of power grid operation in severe
environmental conditions such as high salt spray, high humidity, high pollution and high altitude.